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Bergen County Municipal JIF Safety Committee

Members of the Bergen County Municipal JIF maintain active Safety Committees within their communities and participate in the annual Safety Incentive Program. The Bergen County Municipal Executive Safety Committee meets 4-5 times a year to review and discuss a variety of safety-related issues.

Executive Safety Committee Meeting Schedule For 2023

First Quarter: Thursday, February 16th
Second Quarter: Thursday, June 15th
Third Quarter: Thursday, September 14th
Fourth Quarter: TBD

2023 Bergen JIF Safety Incentive Program

We are happy to announce the 2023 Safety Incentive Program (SIP). The SIP is distributed to all Safety Coordinators, Fund Commissioners, and Risk Managers via e-mail.


In 2023, members will not need to mail or fax any SIP documentation to the JIF Risk Control Consultant. Two weeks before the quarterly report due date, you will receive an email from Tina Zaverzence at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to submit your quarterly activities through Survey Monkey (an account is not needed to complete the survey).


Documentation should be maintained onsite for the JIF Risk Control Consultant to review during regular visits.
If there are any questions regarding the SIP, please contact the JIF Risk Control Consultant.


We look forward to a successful 2023!

QUARTERLY REPORT DEADLINES: Quarterly report due dates are listed below.

1st Quarter Report - due April 14, 2023
2nd Quarter Report- due July 14, 2023
3rd Quarter Report - due October 13, 2023
4th Quarter Report- due January 15, 2024

Helpful Links

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Click to view the Facility Hazard Identification Inspections (formerly Department Safety Checklists), which are now available in word and PDF on the MSI website.

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